Emergency Management

The Hawthorne Office of Emergency Management works in conjunction with the Borough's Administration, Emergency Services and various other department heads. The main focus of this agency is to mitigate, plan, respond and the recover from various types of disasters whether it is of a natural or man-made occurrence.

At this time of heightened security, the Borough of Hawthorne - Office of Emergency Management would like to assure our residents that we are doing everything possible to ensure public safety.

Disaster Plans

As with natural disasters, there isn't likely to be a warning of a terrorist attack. We as residents of Hawthorne can make sure that our families know what we will do to account for each other in the time of a disaster. A Family Disaster Plan is critical and should be in place at all times. Your Family Disaster Plan should involve emergency contacts, identification of rally points, disaster supply kits and more. With simple planning, this can be done and help alleviate the fear of the unknown. Review your disaster plan with all family members throughout the year.

Office Staff

The Office of Emergency Management currently has one Coordinator and two deputy coordinators. They meet several times throughout the year to discuss and plan for tomorrow's disaster. These meetings also include our Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). comprised of several department heads and various local citizens to help coordinate efforts with bordering municipalities, County and State agencies, Public utility groups and the American Red Cross.

Be Prepared

Preparedness is everyone's job. We've included several websites that you can visit to help you, your families or co-workers to better plan for an emergency. View additional information on Hawthorne's Emergency Alert System and how you can create an emergency plan (PDF). The Hawthorne Office of Emergency Management works with the support of your paid and volunteer professional resources of the Borough of Hawthorne.

Know Your Flood Risk

View new FEMA flood maps for Passaic County.

Planning Council

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. App. A:9-40.1, the Mayor appoints up to fifteen members of the Local Emergency Planning Council who serves the Mayor.