Municipal Alliance Committee

Who Are We?

The Hawthorne Municipal Alliance is a proactive coalition of community volunteers that include parents, educators, local government, police, and students. We focus our efforts on the prevention of drug and alcohol use and its consequences not only among the underage, but our community as a whole.

VISION: Aspiring to achieve a healthy community by providing education, awareness and training on the consequences of drugs and alcohol use.

MISSION: Working in collaboration with law enforcement, schools, the faith community and local businesses to provide resources, guidance and education on the dangers of  alcohol and drug use. We engage the residents, primarily our youth, by providing seminars and interactive programs with the intent to promote wellness and safety among all age groups. 

Programs and activities fully or partially funded by the Municipal Alliance:

Smart Moves-Skills, Mastery and Resistance Training:  As part of the programs at the Hawthorne Boys & Girls Club, Smart Moves provides youths with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to help avoid the drugs, especially marijuana; as while it is now legal it remains the “gateway drug.” Participant will gain leadership and decision-making skills that will strengthen their resistance to the pressures associated with participating in drug and alcohol abuse.

Peer Leadership Program: High School and Middle School groups engage in a series of educational programs to learn about the harmful effects of drugs among other relevant topics so that they may in turn educate their peers and younger elementary school students.

Junior Police Academy: This program will familiarize 7th and 8th grade students with modern-day police work.  The students will engage in activities such as physical training, defensive tactics, motor vehicle stops, and firearms safety.  The program is run by the police department, and is intended to improve communication between the officers and the students.

ROAR-Respect, Opportunity & Responsibility: Grade K-5 specific program administered by officers of the Hawthorne Police Department. The goal of the program is to cultivate positive relationships between the police and youth of the community through various classroom lessons. The lessons address topics such as peer pressure, self-esteem, making positive choices and the harmful effects of illegal substance and alcohol use.    

Project Graduation:  The Alliance will co-sponsor Project Graduation for all graduates to reduce risk taking and celebrations with alcohol.  Year long preparations will reinforce the no use message.

leadershipcamp logoLeadership Camp:   Our 6th grade Leadership Camp module has been a model for other communities in NJ. Led by our police officers and middle school teachers, students will engage in a variety of prevention programs/lectures focusing on ATOD issues, taught to work together as a team, and develop leadership skills while becoming familiar with the Lincoln Middle School environment.  We also focus on respect for authority, our armed forces and patriotism. Each year teachers at Lincoln Middle School report a marked improvement in the attitude and confidence of the incoming students who have attended Leadership Camp.

ParThoseWhoHost Logoents Who Host Lose the Most,Don’t be a party to Teenage Drinking is a public awareness campaign run during prom and graduation season. The objective is to educate parents about the health, safety and liability risks of serving alcohol at teen parties and increase awareness of underage drinking laws.

 PrMedicine Drop Logooject Medicine Drop:  Let's you dispose of your unused and expired household medications, safely and securely, at any time 24/7/365.  Our Drop Box is located at Police Headquarters inside Borough Hall.