When will Hawthorne's new treatment system for PFOA and PFOS be operational?

Although a bid for construction of the system was awarded on Novvember 21, 2022, the current estimated timeframe for delivery of the necessary equipment is 30 weeks from the order date, which will likely push completion of the installation toward the end of 2023.. 

DEP had notified the Borough that we only had only until August 25, 2022,to be in compliance (which means having the treatment system operational),  The time for design of the system and then protected review of a permit application byt the DEP (5 months) and then further DEP review of low-cost funding spplication to the New Jersye Infrastructure bank (6 months), and finally the delivery time for the eqipment made that completion date totally unrealistic..

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12. When will Hawthorne's new treatment system for PFOA and PFOS be operational?
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