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Welcome to the Borough of Hawthorne
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This office is responsible for the issuance of permits and performing inspections on building, electrical and plumbing work done in the Borough, as well as enforcement of the Borough's local zoning ordinance.  The State's Uniform Construction Code governs construction within Hawthorne and the rest of the state.  Appeals of decisions of the Construction Official can be made to the Passaic County Board of Construction appeals, while appeals of decisions of the Zoning Officer can be made to Hawthorne's Zoning Board of Adjustment.This office also issues sidewalk permits,  fence permits and soil movement permits.  If required permits are not obtained, penalties will be imposed. 

One Call New Jersey - 811 or call 1-800-272-1000 for utility mark-outs before you dig in New Jersey.  It's the law!   

All Home Improvement Contractors are required to register with the State of New Jersey.  Permits will not be issued to contractors without a license issued by the state.  For more information, please visit www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/HIC

A Certificate of Continuing Compliance is required for all property sales in the Borough of Hawthorne. This includes residential as well as commercial properties.  This form is NOT AVAILABLE online, available only at the Building Department 973-427-5555 X214.

A Business Certificate of  Compliance is required whenever a new business (or new business owner) takes over operations at a given location, whether or not the type of business changes.  The zoning officer can issue the certificate when there is no change in the nature of the business.  The Planning Board must conduct a Tenant Review in order to issue the certificate if there is a change in the nature of the business.

A Certificate of Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Fire Extinguisher Compliance is required for all changes of tenancy within the Borough of Hawthorne.

Inquiries about or requests for housing for fire code inspections should be directed to the Fire Prevention Office at (973) 427-5555 ext 216.  Inquires about or requests for exterior property maintenance inspections should be directed to the Code Enforcement office at (973) 427-5555 x220  

Applications for land subdivision or site plan approval should be filed with the Planning Board.  Applications for use variances should be filed with the Zoning Board of Adjustment

2nd Floor, Suite 202
Office Hours:  8:30 am to 4:30 pm
   (No Permits issued after 3 pm) 

Phone:     (973) 427-5555 x214
Fax:         (973) 427-0410

Technical Assistant   Janice Patmos  x214

Interim Construction 

Official                     Bob Connell x215  

Building Sub-Code
                               Richard Stewen

Electrical Sub-Code
Official                     Ed Pepe

Interim Plumbing 

Sub-Code Official      Steve Wiersma

Zoning Official*      Gene DeAugustines x216
 *Evening Hours:
  5 to 7 pm,
1st & 3rd Tuesday

The Borough is aggressively enforcing rules against the creation of illegal dwelling units such as basement apartments, attic apartments, unlicensed rooming houses or subdividing homes without permits.  These situations create safety hazards and adversely affect the quality of life in our neighborhoods.  If you have information about such illegal occupancies, please contact this office at (973) 427-5555 ext 214. 

Please note that all fees for the Building Department are payable by check, money order or EXACT CHANGE.

Click here for the Schedule of Fees.