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 Development and Redevelopment in Hawthorne

Below is a list of properties where either the Borough or a private developer is proposing redevelopment that is likely to be of interest to the general public:

Update:  11/20/17 meeting, the Board of Adjustment rendered an interpretation that the application made by Royal Realty LLC, for a variance from the permitted bedroom count  for a proposed multi-family residential project requires "C" (Bulk) variance approval.

Update:  10/16/17 continuation of hearing is scheduled for November 20th.

Update:  9/27/17 Continuation of hearing is s scheduled for October  16th.  

Update:  8/21/17 application was tabled until the September 18th ZBA meeting.

6/20/16 Adopted Memorialized Resolution approving a (1) year extension.

6/20/16 Adopted Memorialized Resolution approving a (1) year extension.

6/15/18 Adopted Memorialized Resolution approving an additional (1) year extension.

MATTAR 98, CORP (Macaluso's)
Update: 2/27/17  Approved for one extension.

4/18/16 Adopted Memorialized Resolution ..3/21/16 - Approved with conditions the Applicant proposed to construct an addition to the structure, which addition will consist of a chapel/prevent area, redesigned and re-located entrance area, an exterior patio, garden area and a parking garage.  Hearing started on "February 22, 2016".

204 Wagaraw Road, LLC.(Rivergate of Hawthorne)
UPDATE: 11/24/15 APPLICATION DENIED Continuation of hearing scheduled for November 23, 2015 for the application seeking preliminary & Final site plan approval along with use and bulk variance relief to develop the properties in question for a mixed use development. *** 5/18 Changed proposed residential units from 222 to 219 ** 4/20 Changed Proposed residential units from 244 to 222. The Applicant proposes a total of 219 residential units, 6,000 square feet of retail and 4,000 square feet of office space in the B-3 Zone. Hearing started on December 15, 2014.

UPDATE:  ZBA voted to recommend the Mayor & Council not appeal the decision of Judge Brogan's decision that overturned the ZBA decision to deny the applicant to raise a portion of their roof to allow installation of new equipment.

PSE&G - Sixth Avenue
UPDATED:  4/20/15 - Adopted Memorializing Resolution 3/16/15 - Approved application seeking Variances for pre-existing non-conformities (height of existing lightning mast, rear yard setback of 5' where 15' is required, combined yard setback of 5'/22' where 15'/40' is required, corner side setback 10.36' where 37 1/2 ' is required and all other variances deemed necessary by the Board of Adjustments.

PSE&G - 143 Ethel Avenue
UPDATED: 4/20/15 - Adopted Memorializing Resolution
3/16/15 - Approved application seeking Variances for fencing height; Use variance pursuant to NJSA 40:554D-70d(1) to permit outside storage.

233 Central LLC (Hawthorne Square)
UPDATE:  3/16/15 - Adopted Memorializing Resolution for final site plans 2/23/15 - Approved final site plans 1/19/15:  Adopted Memorializing Resolution for approval of a Use Variance & Additional Related Relief.  Approval for final site plans set for February 23 meeting.  12/15/14 - Approved the Use variance & Approved the Density Variance with conditions.  Has submitted an application for originally 150 residential units, however plans changed to 142 two bedroom units in the I-1 zone requiring use, density and bulk variances .

300 Lincoln Avenue, LLC
UPDATE:  2/9/15 Adopted Memorializing Resolution for the application for car wash,  and lubrication business, a non-permitted use, in the B-1 Neighborhood Commercial zone require a use and bulk variances and preliminary and final site plan approvals to be adjourned to December 15, 2014.

15-17 Royal Avenue
Will be heard by the Planning Board....Has submitted an application seeking 12 unit multi-family residential structures together with bulk variances for lot width and side yard setback as well as such other and additional variances, waivers and exceptions. Continuation of hearing is scheduled for October 16th.

896 Goffle Road
UPDATE:  Appeal was denied by the Superior Court.  All claims are dismissed. 
Puddingstone Goffle Holdings LLC had submitted an application for converting this former gas station into a 7-11 Convenience Store on the site of a former Shell Oil Service Station requiring a use variance and an impervious coverage variance in the R-1 Residence Zone. This application was denied by the Zoning Board of Adjustment on 8/15/2011, an action the Board confirmed by resolution on 9/19/2011.  The applicant has filed an appeal of this decision to the superior court.  continue hearing on June 30 .

301 Sicomac Road, Wyckoff - Christian Health Care Center
UPDATE:  7/20/15 - A resolution adopted for the amended plans.     6/22/15 - At a special meeting the ZBA approved Amended Plans .  The Borough of Hawthorne Board of Adjustment gave its approval to the project via a resolution adopted at the July 21, 2014 meeting.

The CHCC has proposed a 199-unit senior living complex for their property which straddles the Hawthorne-Wyckoff boundary.  Eighty-six of these units would be in Hawthorne.  The Hawthorne Zoning Board of Adjustment, will hear the application for this project beginning Monday, October 21, 2013.  The Wyckoff Borough Zoning Board of Adjustment gave its approval to the project via a resolution adopted in May, 2013.  

55 Westervelt Avenue - Millview Lofts
The Planning Board approved plans on 9/16/2008 for conversion of the vacant industrial building on this 1.28-acre site into a 31-unit residential complex.  Construction has been completed.

1 Loretto Realty Associates
UPDATE:  Applicant file an appeal which is pending the superior Court of the State of NJ. 
A variance application to raise a portion of the roof to 52.51 feet where a maximum of 35 feet was denied by the Zoning Board of Adjustment. This denial was appealed by the applicant, and the court has remanded the matter back to the board for a new hearing.  

This data, updated as of  June, 2016, should not be considered to represent an exhaustive list of projects due to be heard by one of Hawthorne's boards.  Please refer to the agendas of the Planning and Zoning Boards for current pending applications.  An application to the Zoning Board of Adjustment indicates that a proposed project does not fully comply with current zoning and therefore requires one or more variances before development could occur.  Listing of these projects here should not be considered endorsement by the Borough.