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All Dogs and Cats over the age of seven months must be vaccinated against rabies and licensed.  Licenses may be obtained at the Hawthorne Municipal Building from the Board of Health. Registration fees are as follows:

Licensing Fees:
$15.00 – Spayed or neutered dogs
$18.00 – dogs not spayed or neutered
$15.00 – Late fee for dogs renewed after January 31st
$ 8.00 – Cats
$10.00 – Late for cats renewed after May 31st 

Proof of annual vaccination (rabies certificate) must be provided in order for a Dog or Cat License Application to be approved.  The State Department of Health requires that the rabies certificate be good for the first 10 months of the licensing year before a license can be renewed. Spayed/Neutered certificates must also be provided in order to receive a discount on the registration fee. The Borough will hold the annual free Rabies Vaccination Clinic at the Ambulance Corps building located at 970 Goffle Road, on the second Tuesday of May from 6-8pm.  Information on this clinic and on dog and cat licensing in general, can be obtained by calling 973-427-4011 or 973-427-4012 during normal business hours. 

Failure to license your dog or cat will result in a fine for each offense