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Announcing ... “BEE Local. BEE Hawthorne!” Find the Hawthorne BEE!

What’s all the buzz about? Who’s coming to Hawthorne in July? The Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce and the Hawthorne Green Team have created a brand new slogan and character for this year’s “Buy Local” campaign in our town!  We have created “BEE Local. BEE Hawthorne!” and are proud to present the Hawthorne BEE.  The Hawthorne BEE was created to represent Hawthorne’s commitment to getting the buzz around buying local and the importance of protecting the BEE’s environment. We all know BEARS love honey, so here’s your chance to have customers hunt around our local shops and locations to “Find the Hawthorne BEE.” 

July 1-31, we will be hosting an exciting month-long scavenger hunt to “Find the Hawthorne BEE” in twenty-three (23) participating local businesses/locations 

Each player gets a Find “BEE Local, BEE Hawthorne!” passport to help them find Hawthorne BEE and log their search. A player may start at any location listed on the passport; and the passport travels with the player. The Hawthorne BEE is hiding - somewhere - in all the listed businesses/community locations. He is six inches tall, and he might be in any public part of the establishment. When you’ve collected at least 20 different store stamps, return your completed passport by July 30th at 6 pm to The Chocolate Box, Mr. Cupcakes or Sprinkles. All final passports must be collected at the Hawthorne Farmers’ Market by July 31st at 11 am.
Click here for locations and passport...

On Sunday, July 31, 2016 at 12 noon, there will be a Hawthorne BEE Grand Celebration and Prize Drawing at the Hawthorne Farmers’ Market with local media. 










The Hawthorne Environmental Commission was established in November 1998. Prior to November 1998, there was an Environmental Committee established in the late 1980's.  The Environmental Commission has been able to achieve many accomplishments by protecting and preserving the environment of the Borough of Hawthorne through the following activities: 

  • Secured grants to help fund environmental projects, such as 8 Acre Woods in Goffle Brook Park and Green Map

  • Developed an Environmental Resource Inventory that is used to guide Hawthorne on land use decisions

  • Advise municipal planning boards and zoning boards of adjustment about the impacts of development proposals on such issues as flooding and runoff, open space needs, water and air quality, plant and animal habitat and waste disposal

  • An Environmental Commissioner seat on the Planning Board to provide recommendations and advice on potential environmental impacts on proposed development

  • Monitor upcoming environmental issues and regulations and provide guidance to Municipal Council and Mayor

  • Educate and inform residents and students on ways to protect the environment

Commission Members:

Rayna  Laiosa, Chairperson  12/31/2018
Robert Maggio 12/31/2018
Michael Mariani 12/31/2018
Lisa Szegedi 12/31/2017
Rosanne Zagatta, Vice Chairperson 12/31/2017
MaryLou DiMattia 12/31/2017
Robert Meier 12/31/2016
Hazel Pinos 12/31/2016
Patricia MacDonnell Dubois 12/31/2016
Dominic Mele, Council Liaison


2nd Floor Municipal Building, 7:30 pm
2nd Thursday of the month



Chapter 45 of the Code of the Borough of Hawthorne establishes Hawthorne's Environmental Commission pursuant to N.S.J.A. 40:56A-1 et seq. The Commission consists of seven members and two alternate members appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Borough Council to three-year overlapping terms (two-year terms for alternate members).