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Mayor Richard S. Goldberg
445 Lafayette Avenue
Hawthorne, NJ  07506
Phone (973) 427-1168
Term: 1/1/2014-12/31/2017

Charlene Elvin, Administrative Assistant
(973) 427-1168

 Mayor Richard S. Goldberg

Mayor GoldbergMAYOR'S MESSAGE 

Dear Resident:

I want to first start by expressing my gratitude to Bergen County Executive Kathy Donavan for crossing County lines to swear me in today. There are 70 towns in Bergen County and for her to find time to come to Hawthorne and honor me is humbling.

Hawthorne became the only Passaic County town in District 38 when we were redistricted 4 years ago. The rest of the District was entirely in Bergen County. My candidacy for Assembly was more to let Bergen County know that Hawthorne was now in the District and we would not accept being a step child. I and Hawthorne were welcomed with open arms, from the County Executive to the Freeholders to the Mayors in the district.

Hawthorne borders 4 Bergen County towns and my relationship with their Mayor’s will help us to find interlocal agreements and savings for what was primarily an intra county strategy. When we needed to change the timing on a light at Lincoln Avenue a 2 minute call to the County executive was all it took.

In addition we were redistricted congressionally and as a Republican I was able to witness the greatest political campaign I’ve ever seen when Bill Pascrell handily defeated Steve Rothman in a winner take all Democratic Primary. I took pride in Bill’s victory as a Passaic County Mayor and thanked God I would never have to run against him. Bill is a great advocate for Hawthorne and I look forward to continuing to work with him.

I want to congratulate my running mates who have be sworn in as well as the remaining Councilmen. We have done some outstanding work in the past and I am confident that we will continue this work in the next year.

 I will continue to tell you that this is the most open government in the history of Hawthorne. Not only are our Council meetings televised they are streamed on the internet so that not only can you view are meetings in Hawthorne, but through the internet anywhere in the world. We post all minutes from all Boards on our website www.hawthornenj.org. Our codebook is on our webpage and searchable. Through our alert system Nixle are residents and receive text or emails about important Borough events to whether the pool is closed. Our neighbors use a Nixle platform available to police Departments and OEMs. This is a free system to these towns. In Hawthorne we have opted to pay for the ability to contact our residents because it doesn’t limit what we can inform you about.

In the upcoming year we will finish discussion the B3 zoning and we will implement it. We will be getting a new traffic light at Goffle, Braen and Rock. There will be a thorough discussion about youth sports and how best to serve our children and how we can best use our fields.

I will be having a conversation with the Council about the possibility of replacing one of the 2 police offers we didn’t replace when they retired some years ago. We are hopeful that the Bandshell will be completed in time for Hawthorne Day and we will gather at our incredible 9-11 memorial to mark this solemn day. In addition we will continue to name streets for our fallen heroes. This year we are adding a third day and a third fallen hero.

I invite all of you to be part of our Renaissance. Volunteer, participate and enjoy life in Hawthorne and all it offers.

May god bless the Borough of Hawthorne, its first responders and its residents. Happy New Year


Richard S. Goldberg, Mayor


The Mayor is elected by the voters to a four-year term, and, as the Borough's chief executive, is responsible for the supervision and control of the Borough's departments.  The Mayor appoints the Administrator, department heads and various other municipal officials.  He also negotiates contracts, serves as a member of the Planning Board, supervises municipal property and reports annually to the Council.  Although not a voting member of the Council, he has the right to attend all meetings and participate in discussion. He may veto ordinances approved by the Council.  The Mayor has delegated day-to-day supervision of the municipal departments to the Borough Administrator .

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