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In the Borough of Hawthorne there are many people that live alone. In Hawthorne, our police department is concerned about these people, therefore we have established a program called "Operation Reassurance".   

In order to participate in Operation Reassurance, you must live alone and have a telephone.  Here's how the program works:  You are required to telephone the Hawthorne Police Department at 973-427-1800, daily, between the hours of 9:00 am and 11:00 am.  Your call will be answered by one of our police dispatchers or a police officer.  Our dispatch will want to know if you are ok and if there is anything that you need. If our dispatchers do not hear from you by 11:00 am, we will attempt to contact you by telephone.  If we get no response, a police car will be dispatched to your home to check on your well being. 

You will be required to notify the police department when you will be away on vacation or any other reason. Upon your return, you must notify the department in order to be placed back on the call list. 

The intention of this program is to make sure all people that live alone will have contact with someone every day, to make sure that all is well with you.  It is not intended to have the police department run errands for medicine or any other purpose. We want you to know that we are interested in your welfare and are here to help.  If anyone is found to be taking advantage of this service, they will be contacted by the program director. 

If you are interested in participating in this program, please complete and return the application to police headquarters.  If you need help completing an application or returning it, you can call and we will make arrangements for someone to assist you. 

For any further questions or comments email: