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2016 Ordinances

The Borough Council has recently completed a five-year process of reviewing the entire Borough Code and making appropriate revisions. The updated Code is now online HERE. The Borough Code is a compilation of ordinances adopted by the Borough Council that establish both the organizational structure of the Borough's government, and local rules that must be followed within the Borough relating to a wide range of activities, including but not limited to: animals, garage sales, land use, solid waste, vehicles and traffic, traffic and parking, etc.

2016 adopted Ordinances subject to codification:

Ordinance Description Adopted
2171-16 Further Amend & Supplement chapter 505, Article III, section 505-18, Parking prohibited at all times, schedule XIII, of the code of the Borough of Hawthorne so as to add thereto certain additional locations. 12/7/16
2167-16 Repealing and Replacing Chapter 25, Dept of Public Safety, Article III, Fire Dept. 7/6/16
2160-16 Amend Chapter 370, property maintenance, as as to create article II, vacant & abandoned properties & article III, registration of creditor in foreclosures.  5/4/16
2157-16 Further Amend & Supplement the code of the BOH, Chapter 505, Vehicles & Traffic, Article III, Parking, Standing & Stopping, Section 505-22, Angle Parking, XVII, Section 505-71 4/6/16
2152-16 Amend Chapter 220, fees, section 220-9, construction code, uniform, so as to amend permit fees for new construction & additions. 3/16/16

Ordinances adopted since January 1, 2016, that are not subject to codification
(bond ordinances, salary ordinances, ordinances authorizing the purchase or sale of property, etc) include the following:

Ordinance Description Adopted
2172-16 Ordinance to fix the 2016 salaries, wages and compensation of the employees of the Borough of Hawthorne 1/4/17
2170-16 Ordinance to fix salaries, wages & compensation for 2016 for the Employees of the Borough of Hawthorne 11/14/16
2169-16 Water Utility Capital Bond Ordinance (readopted) 12/21/16
2168-16 Ordinance to fix salaries, wages & compensation for 2016 for the Employees of the Borough of Hawthorne 8/17/16
2165-16 Ordinance to fix salaries, wages & compensation of the Employees of the Borough of Hawthorne 6/15/16
2164-16 Ordinance to fix salaries, wages & compenation of the Employees of the Borough of Hawthorne 6/15/16
2163-16 Bond Ordinance  for Passaic Ave sanitary sewer lining appropriating ($110,000). 6/1/16
2162-16 Bond Ordinance for Rock Road sidewalks and driveway aprons or local assessments, appropriating ($40,000). 6/1/16
2161-16 Bond Ordinance for Rock Road Improvements appropriating $230,000 (NJDOT Grant $ 160,000). 6/1/16
2159-16 2016 Municipal Budget Appropriation limits and to establish a cap bank pursuant to N.J.S.A 40A: 4-45.14  5/4/16
2158-16 Fix the salaries, wages & compensation of the Employees of the BOH. 4/6/16
2156-16 Ordinance adopting the Land Use & Zoning District Map of the BOH 4/6/16
2155-16 Bond Ordinance for 2016 Local Improvements. 4/6/16
2154-16 Bond Ordinance for 2016 Road Improvement Program 4/6/16
2153-16 Authorizing the lease of a portion of lands located at the Municipal Pool Complex for installation of Cellular Communications Equipment 3/16/16
2151-15 Amend Ord. #2134-15 employee salaries, to amend the salaries of UPSEU Blue-Collar Bargaining unit. 1/20/16