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2017 Ordinances

The Borough Council has recently completed a five-year process of reviewing the entire Borough Code
and making appropriate revisions.  The updated Code is now online HERE.  The Borough Code is a compilation of ordinances adopted by the Borough Council that establish both the organizational structure of the Borough's government, and local rules that must be followed within the Borough relating to a wide range of activities, including but not limited to: animals, garage sales, land use, solid waste, vehicles and traffic, traffic and parking, etc.

Ordinances introduced and now considered for adoption following public hearings at the
Council Meetings on the following date and time:

Ordinance Description Intro Adoption Hearing
2190-17 Bond Ordinance Providing For The Road Reconstruction, Resurafacing, Drainage, Curb, Sidewalk and Handicapped RAmp Improvements on Arlington Ave. Appropriating $300,000 and Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds or Notes 6/7/17 7/5/17
2191-17 Bond Ordinance Providing For Reconstruction of Replacement of Sidewalks and Driveway Aprons on Arlington Ave., Appropriating $60,000 Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds or Notes for Financng Part of The Cost and Directing Special Assessment of  The Cost Therof. 6/7/17 7/5/17

Recently adopted Ordinances subject to codification:

Ordinance Description Adopted/
2173-17 Amend Ch 25, Section 25-9, Section 25-12, Modify Police Dept Promotion Procedure and Contracted Off-Duty Employment 2/15/17
2174-17 Amend Ch 477, Section 477-2, Towing & Storage Fees 2/15/17
2176-17 Amend Ch 45, Article III, Municipal Court, To Create Position of Assistant Municipal Prosecutor 3/15/17
2177-17 Amend Ch 540, Zoning, Article XII, B-2 Central Business Zones, And Article XVII, Off-Street Parking, To Set Forth Parking Requirements in the B-2 Zone 3/15/17
2182-17 Amend Chapter 220, Fees, Sections 220-4, Board Of Health, 220-9, Construction Code, Uniform, and 220-12, Parks and Recreation and to Add Section 220-27, Chapter 540, Zoning Fees 4/5/17
2188-17 Amend  and Supplement the Code to revise and Amend Chapter 530, Water Section 530-30, Payment of Bills and Chapter 220, Fees, Section 220-21, Water, so as to Create and Exception From Payment in Certain Circumstances and to Amend Chapter 220, Fees, Section 220-12, Parks and Precreation, Subsection B, Swimming Pool, to Create a Fee for Lifeguard Certification. 6/7/17
2189-17 Amend and Supplement the code, Chapert 357, Peace and Good Order, Section 357-2, Prohibited Acts, By Repealing Certian Subsections Thereunder. 6/7/17

Ordinances adopted since January 1, 2017, that are not subject to codification,
bond ordinances, salary ordinances, ordinances authorizing the purchase of sale of
property, etc., include the following:

Ordinance Description Adopted
2172-16 2016 Salaries, Wages & Compensation of the Borough Employees 1/4/17
2175-17 2017 Salaries. Wages & Compensation of the Borough Employees 3/1/17
2178-17 Bond Ordinance for 2017 Road Improvement Program 3/15/17
2179-17 Bond Ordinance for 2017 Road Improvement Program- Resident Assessments 3/15/17
2180-17 Bond Ordinance to Amend Bond Ordinance 2141-15 4/5/17
2181-17 Water Capital Ordinance to Amend Water Capital Bond Ordinance 2142-15 4/5/17
2183-17 Amend Bond Ordinance 2103-14, as Ameded by Ordinance 2135-15, to Increase Amount Appropriated to Include Construction of Restrooms, Lighting and Associated Improvements. 4/5/17
2184-17 Cap Bond Ordinance 2017 Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and to Establish a Cap Bank Pursuant to N.J.S.A 40A:4-45.14 5/3/17
2185-17 An Ordinance to Amend Bond Ordinance 2163-16, Providing for Sanitary Sewer Lining and Related Work on Passaic Ave. Appropriating $110,000 and Issuinance of Bonds or Notes. 5/3/17
2186-17 Water Utility Bond Ordinance Providing for Painting and other specified improvements to the Goffle Hill and Mary St. tanks appropriating $1,150,000 and Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds or Notes 5/17/17
2187-17 Bond Ordinance Providing for Purchase of a Dump Truck and Brine Applicator Approptiating $250,000 and Issuance of Bonds or Notes in the Amount of $237,500. 5/17/17