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2017 Ordinances

The Borough Council has recently completed a five-year process of reviewing the entire Borough Code
and making appropriate revisions.  The updated Code is now online HERE.  The Borough Code is a compilation of ordinances adopted by the Borough Council that establish both the organizational structure of the Borough's government, and local rules that must be followed within the Borough relating to a wide range of activities, including but not limited to: animals, garage sales, land use, solid waste, vehicles and traffic, traffic and parking, etc.

Adopted Ordinances subject to codification:

Ordinance Description Adopted
2173-17 Amend Ch 25, Section 25-9, Section 25-12, Modify Police Dept Promotion Procedure and Contracted Off-Duty Employment 2/15/17
2174-17 Amend Ch 477, Section 477-2, Towing & Storage Fees 2/15/17
2176-17 Amend Ch 45, Article III, Municipal Court, To Create Position of Assistant Municipal Prosecutor 3/15/17
2177-17 Amend Ch 540, Zoning, Article XII, B-2 Central Business Zones, And Article XVII, Off-Street Parking, To Set Forth Parking Requirements in the B-2 Zone 3/15/17
2182-17 Amend Chapter 220, Fees, Sections 220-4, Board Of Health, 220-9, Construction Code, Uniform, and 220-12, Parks and Recreation and to Add Section 220-27, Chapter 540, Zoning Fees 4/5/17
2188-17 Amend  and Supplement the Code to revise and Amend Chapter 530, Water Section 530-30, Payment of Bills and Chapter 220, Fees, Section 220-21, Water, so as to Create and Exception From Payment in Certain Circumstances and to Amend Chapter 220, Fees, Section 220-12, Parks and Precreation, Subsection B, Swimming Pool, to Create a Fee for Lifeguard Certification. 6/7/17
2189-17 Amend and Supplement the code, Chapert 357, Peace and Good Order, Section 357-2, Prohibited Acts, By Repealing Certian Subsections Thereunder. 6/7/17
2193-17 Amend Ch 25, Sec 25-3, Police Dept. Table of Organization, increase 5 Sergeants to 6. 8/16/17
2196-17 Amend and Supplement Chapter 505, Vehicles and Traffic, Time Limit Parking, to Add Certain Additional Locations. 10/4/17

Ordinances adopted since January 1, 2017, that are not subject to codification,
bond ordinances, salary ordinances, ordinances authorizing the purchase of sale of
property, etc., include the following:

Ordinance Description Adopted
2172-16 2016 Salaries, Wages & Compensation of the Borough Employees 1/4/17
2175-17 2017 Salaries. Wages & Compensation of the Borough Employees 3/1/17
2178-17 Bond Ordinance for 2017 Road Improvement Program 3/15/17
2179-17 Bond Ordinance for 2017 Road Improvement Program- Resident Assessments 3/15/17
2180-17 Bond Ordinance to Amend Bond Ordinance 2141-15 4/5/17
2181-17 Water Capital Ordinance to Amend Water Capital Bond Ordinance 2142-15 4/5/17
2183-17 Amend Bond Ordinance 2103-14, as Ameded by Ordinance 2135-15, to Increase Amount Appropriated to Include Construction of Restrooms, Lighting and Associated Improvements. 4/5/17
2184-17 Cap Bond Ordinance 2017 Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and to Establish a Cap Bank Pursuant to N.J.S.A 40A:4-45.14 5/3/17
2185-17 An Ordinance to Amend Bond Ordinance 2163-16, Providing for Sanitary Sewer Lining and Related Work on Passaic Ave. Appropriating $110,000 and Issuinance of Bonds or Notes. 5/3/17
2186-17 Water Utility Bond Ordinance Providing for Painting and other specified improvements to the Goffle Hill and Mary St. tanks appropriating $1,150,000 and Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds or Notes 5/17/17
2187-17 Bond Ordinance Providing for Purchase of a Dump Truck and Brine Applicator Approptiating $250,000 and Issuance of Bonds or Notes in the Amount of $237,500. 5/17/17
2190-17 Bond Ordinance Providing For The Road Reconstruction, Resurafacing, Drainage, Curb, Sidewalk and Handicapped RAmp Improvements on Arlington Ave. Appropriating $300,000 and Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds or Notes 7/5/17
2191-17 Bond Ordinance Providing For Reconstruction of Replacement of Sidewalks and Driveway Aprons on Arlington Ave., Appropriating $60,000 Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds or Notes for Financng Part of The Cost and Directing Special Assessment of  The Cost Therof. 7/5/17
2192-17 Bond Ordinance to buy fire engine and related equipment for Co. 3, for a total of $700,000. 9/6/17
2194-17 Capital Ordinance, $35,000 for improvements to the Police Pistol Range, funded from the Capital Improvement Fund. With $5,000 for Section 2-20 cost. 8/16/17
2195-17 Amend Ordinance 2175-17 Fixing the 2017 Salaries, Wages and Compensation of the Employees of the Borough of Hawthorne. 10/4/17
2197-17 Bond Ordinance for Improvements to the Swimming Pool. 12/6/17
2198-17 Amend Bond Ordinance's for Band Shell Restrooms 12/6/17