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2018 Ordinances

Borough of Hawthorne Code Book online HERE.  

Introduced ordinances that will be considered for adoption following
public hearings on the following date and time:

Ordinance Description Intro Adoption

Recently adopted Ordinances subject to codification:

Ordinance Description Adopted
2199-17 Amend Chapter 540, Zoning, Business Hours of Operation in B1and B2 Zones 1/3/18
2201-18 Amend Ch 220 Fees for Water Rates, Pool, Tennis & Summer Rec 2/7/18
2204-18 Amend Bond Ordinance 2129-15, by Adding Hillcrest Avenue as an Additional Location. 3/28/18
2205-18 Amend Bond Ordinance 2154-6, by Adding Rock Ledge Road as an Additional Location. 3/28/18
2206-18 Amend Ch 505, Sec 505-18, Parking Prohibited at all times - Goffle Hill Road  3/28/18
2207-18 Amend Ch 540, Zoning, by Creating Section 540-8(Y) Prohibiting the Sale of Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana or Paraphenalia in Any Zoning District. 3/28/18
2210-18 Ordinance to Amend Chapter 25 of the Code of the Borough of Hawthorne, Department of Public Safety, Article II, Police Department, Section 25-12, Contracted Off-Duty Employment, Subsection D, Rates of Compensation, Administrative Fee and Payment for Services. 4/18/18
2211-18 An Ordinance to Further Amend and Supplement Chapter 505, Article II, Section 505-9, Prohibited Right Turns on Red Signal, Schedule VI, of the Code of the Borough of Hawthorne so as to Repeal and Replace Such Schedule 5/16/18

Recently adopted Ordinances  not subject to codification:
(Bond ordinances, salary ordinances, ordinances authorizing the purchase or sale of
property, etc.)

Ordinance Description Adopted
  2200-18 2018 Salaries of Borough Employees 2/7
2202-18 Bond Ordinance - 2018 Road Program - Road Reconstruction, Milling, Paving, Resurfacing, Curbing, Handicapped Ramps and Related Improvements ($960,000)  3/28
2203-18 Bond Ordinance - 2018 Local Assessments - Reconstruction or Replacement of Sidewalks and Driveway Aprons on North Watchung Drive, Cedar Avenue, Ivan Place and Eighth Avenue ($120,000) 3/28
2209-18 Bond Ordinance Providing for Installation of Stamped Concrete and Related Curb and Sidewalk Improvements along Identified Sections of Lafayette Avenue, Appropriateing $310,000 4/18
2208-18 2018 Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and to Establish a CAP Bank Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:  4-45. 14 5/2