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To qualify to register to vote, one must:

  • be a citizen of the United States
  • be 18 years old or older by the date of the next election
  • have resided in the State of NJ and the county for 30 days by the day of the next  Election.   

How and Where to Register
A prospective voter may register in person at the County Board of Elections office, 401 Grand Street, Suite 123, Paterson, or at the office of the Borough Clerk in Hawthorne. A mail-in registration form is available from the County Superintendent of Elections 973-881-4515, the Borough Clerk 973-427-5555 x246 or the League of Women Voters 800-792-VOTE or 394-3303.

Voter Registration Form

When to Register
A person must register at least 21 days preceding an election. Registration is permanent in New Jersey but one must re-register for the following reasons:

  • change in name due to marriage, divorce or by judgment of a court
  • change in residence

The exception to the re-registration rule is a move within the county.

  • If the voter has moved within the county and has not notified the commission of registration, they may go to their  new polling site and vote by Provisional Ballot.
  • When a voter changes his/her name, they may vote by signing both names at the time of voting

Application for Vote By Mail ballot may be obtained in person or online from either The Borough Clerk (445 Lafayette Avenue) or the County Clerk in Paterson.  Application for a vote by mail ballot must be received by the County Clerk no later than 7 days preceding the election. Vote by mail ballots must reach the County Board of Elections, 401 Grand Street, Suite 123, Paterson by 8 pm on Election Day.

Petitions to run for a political party's nomination in the primary election for a local office must be filed no later than 57 days before the primary election by 4 pm in the Borough Clerk's office.  A petition to run as an unaffiliated candidate must be filed by 4 pm on primary election day at the County Clerk's office.  For more information on running for office, contact the Borough Clerk at (973) 427-5555 x246.  For information on running for the school board, contact the Board of Education at (973) 427-1300.