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Do I need identification when I go to vote? You will be asked to state your name and address and to sign the roster of voters. You may bring along your voter registration card. If you are a first time voter and registered by mail, and did not provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number or your Drivers License Number, you will be asked to provide identification.  

Must I read and write English in order to register to vote? No. You may register and even vote even if you cannot read or write.  In non English speaking districts, provisions are made for ballots to be printed in Spanish.  

How do I obtain an Absentee Ballot?   The election official in your state can provide you with an absentee ballot, allowing you to participate in the election by mail in the event that you are unable to go the designated voting site on Election Day. If you will need on absentee ballot, contact your Municipal Clerk or County Clerk for an Absentee ballot application.

Do I have to choose a political party in order to register and to vote?  Not in a General or School election, but to vote in a Primary Election you must declare for a particular party.  

How do I join a political party?  By voting in a primary election, or by filling out a party affiliation card at the clerks office to be filed with the Superintendent of Elections  

If I declare a preference when I register, can I change later? Yes, fill out a new party affiliation card 50 days prior to the primary election.  

What is a sample ballot? In New Jersey, before the election, each registered voter receives a Sample Ballot which is a replica of the ballot the voter will see at the polls. It also gives the time and date of the election and the location of your polling place.  

What if I move right before the election? You may go to your new polling site and vote by provisional ballot.  

When do I have to re-register? If you move or change your name.  

When are the polls open?   For general and primary elections, the polls are open from 6:00 am  until 8:00 pm.  For school elections, polls are open from 2:00 pm until 9:00 pm.. 

What if I need help in casting my ballot? If you are blind, disabled, or unable to read or write and need assistance in the polling booth, two poll workers, one from each party, will enter the booth with you to give you assistance  

Can someone help me when I go to vote if I am blind, disabled or unable to read or write?  Yes, you can bring a parent, a relative, a friend, or anyone else. This person can help you read the ballot or use the voting booth to vote. The name and address of the person giving assistance shall be recorded in front of the voter registration book.