Tennis Courts

Hawthorne Municipal Tennis Courts

The Borough's Tennis Courts, located on Wagaraw Road near May Street, are available for use by Hawthorne residents only and their guests during daylight hours. The rules for the use of these courts are as follows:

Tennis Court Use Policy

  1. The tennis courts are for the use of Hawthorne residents and their guests only. While using the courts, residents must carry identification demonstrating Hawthorne residence. A guest must use the same court as his / her resident host
  2. Only tennis shoes, or sneakers can be used on the tennis courts; No street shoes
  3. No skateboards, bicycles, unicycles, roller skates, roller blades or "heelies" or similar items can be used on the tennis courts
  4. People are not allowed in the tennis court enclosure unless they are playing tennis or are teaching someone how to play tennis. Spectators must be outside of the fenced area
  5. Tennis courts can be used during playable daylight hours; The exact hours are not specified because of the seasonal light changes. The Administration, DPW, or the Police can close the courts at any time, for any reason
  6. Borough-sponsored tennis classes or events and scholastic tennis teams that have scheduled court time for practice or competition have precedence over a resident use; The Administration must have previously approved said scheduled time
  7. No alcoholic beverages or food can be brought into the tennis enclosure
  8. No animals are allowed in the tennis enclosure
  9. No smoking

The ability to make and enforce these regulations is covered under Chapter 200 of Hawthorne Borough Code.