Handicapped Parking Placards

How to Obtain a Temporary Placard

  • Forms available: 
  • Complete top portion, physician completes certification on bottom.
  • Bring completed form AND $4 check payable to NJ MVC to the police station, placard will be issued by the Police Chief 
  • DO NOT SUBMIT TO MVC, placards are issued by your local Police Department. 

How to Obtain a Permanent Placard

  • Forms available: 
  • Complete front side, physician completes certification on the back side.
  • FOR FASTER SERVICE, the MVC STRONGLY recommends bringing the form in-person to any Motor Vehicles location (NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY) or mail application* to:
    Motor Vehicle Commission
    Special Plate Unit
    P.O. Box 015
    Trenton, NJ 08666 to 0015
    *Processing time up to 3 months.