Shade Tree Commission



The Shade Tree Commission has authority for the regulation, planting, care and control of shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery in all municipal parks and on municipal streets.


  • 7 p.m. on 1st Monday of the month
  • Municipal Building, 445 Lafayette Avenue, 2nd Fl Conf. Room
  • Meeting Minutes

2019 Upcoming Events

Sept 21      Hawthorne Day

Have a Tree Planted in Front of Your Home !

The Hawthorne Shade Tree Commission accepts requests for tree plantings on the Borough rights-of-way throughout the year. Trees are generally planted in the Spring or Fall when temperatures and precipitation are optimal for the tree to thrive. If the Commission receives more requests than it has trees to plant, your request will go on a waiting list for the next tree planting. The cost of tree-planting is paid by the Borough, however, homeowners are requested to care for the tree by regularly watering it for its first years. To request the planting of a new tree in the Borough right-of-way in front of your home email

Hawthorne Members

Dria Lobosco, Chairperson Term expires: 12/31/20
Thomas Dwyer, Vice Chairperson Term expires: 12/31/20
Rick Hockenberry Term expires: 12/31/22
Al Ianacone Term expires: 12/31/21
Diane Korzinski Term expires: 12/31/22
Brian Collier, Alternate 1 Term expires: 12/31/23
Jay Van Hoff, Alternate 2 Term expires:  12/31/19
Joseph Wojtecki, Council Liaison Term expires: 12/31/19
Colleen Hansen, Secretary  
  1. Trimming/Removal of Trees
  2. Sidewalk Repairs

To request planting, trimming or removal of a tree, please call the Shade Tree Commission line. Decisions on removals will be based on the health of the tree and public safety.

The Commission has no jurisdiction over trees on private property. A property owner with concern about a private tree should consult with a Certified Tree Expert or arbor company.

No private individual or company may remove, trim, cut roots on or affix materials to a public shade tree without prior permission of the Shade Tree Commission or Borough arborist.