Mayor of Hawthorne

The Mayor is elected by the voters to a four-year term, and, as the Borough's chief executive, is responsible for the supervision and control of the Borough's departments. The Mayor appoints the Administrator, department heads and various other municipal officials. He also negotiates contracts, serves as a member of the Planning Board, supervises municipal property and reports annually to the Council.

Duties and Authority of the Mayor

The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the Borough with the responsibility to enforce the ordinances of the Borough. He is empowered to oversee, direct and control all departments of the municipal government. The Mayor appoints the Administrator, all department heads, the municipal court judge, and members of the Borough’s various boards and commissions. The mayor also serves as the Borough’s Public Safety Director, overseeing the Police and Fire Departments.

Although not a voting member of the Council, the Mayor has the right to attend all meetings and participate in discussion. He may veto ordinances approved by the Council. The Mayor serves ex officio on all municipal boards.