Hawthorne's Green Map

Borough of Hawthorne, New Jersey Green Map by Rayna Laiosa, Chairperson

Hawthorne Environmental Commission / Green Team

The Hawthorne Environmental Commission/Green Team created an interactive Green Map, which was funded through the Community Catalyst Grant of Cool Air-Cool Planet. The Green Team registered as a licensed mapmaker from the Green Map System, Inc. By registering as a mapmaker, the Green Team was able to utilize Green Map icons to create Hawthorne's green living, nature, social, and cultural resources.

A local high school student, studying computers and graphic art, worked with the Green Team to develop the template, and a professional graphic artist, Hawthorne resident, was hired to design an electronic download and desktop printing version of the map.

Green Map Launch

The launch of the Green Map took place on Saturday April 21, 2012, at the Hawthorne Environmental Commission's 20th Annual Cel-Earth-Bration event. Below are pictures of the Green Map with Hawthorne officials. The launch was very successful. Hundreds of fair attendees stopped by the Environmental Commission booth to view the map in poster format, and hear the many ways it will benefit them.

For example, the map is designed to promote safe walking and biking routes that link residential areas to the train station, downtown areas, parks and recreational areas, historical sites, and schools. The map helps to build community, encourage exercise and wellness, and decrease air pollution and vehicle congestion on local roadways. In addition, increased foot traffic will stimulate the local economy, allowing local shop owners, restaurateurs, healthcare professionals, and other entrepreneurs to promote and grow their business.

Publicity Tool

Hawthorne's Green Map will continue to be promoted at the local Farmer's Market, and will be used as a publicity tool by the Chamber of Commerce for its "Buy Local" campaign and by the Hawthorne School System. The map will also be featured at Hawthorne Day and other town events.

The public can view and make comments to the map. In addition, users can download the map to their smartphone. The map can be found on the Open Green Map website.


Thank you, Clean Air-Cool Planet, for helping us to implement Hawthorne's Sustainable Vision through creation of this Green Map. Hawthorne residents, as well as other communities throughout New Jersey, the country and even the world, will benefit from this important resource.