NJ Department of Health:  GUIDELINES FOR TRAVEL (October 2021)

STATE OF NEW JERSEY Updated information for Landlords and Tenants. See flyer; See further information.

PASSAIC COUNTY:  EMERGENCY RENTAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (ERAP) - See Flyer here  and Frequently Asked Questions  here and here.

July 29, 2021:  RENTAL ASSISTANCE FINDER - Press Release News Article.

July 29, 2021:  The Rental Assistance Finder is located on the CFPB website at 

Passaic County Board of Commissioners launches new website to help residents in need to locate services such as medical care, housing, food, job training and more throughout Passaic County. See website here.

PASSAIC COUNTY Emergency Rental Relief for Tenants and Landlords

U.S. SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION is beginning to accept applications for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund on Monday, May 3, 2021 at 12noon ET. Registration begins Friday, April 30, 2021 at 9amSee information and links here. Funding info here.


4/16/2019 - NJEDA Announces Launch Dates for $85 million Phase 4 of the Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program. See article here.

Congressman Pascrell announces funeral assistance relief for those who have lost loved ones due to Covid-19 pandemic. See article here.

Governor Murphy signs aid for NJ Restaurants crushed by Covid. See article here  

Hawthorne CARES Small Business PPE Program

The program funded by the Federal CARES Act Grant for Small businesses requesting PPE products has ended. These were allocated and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hawthorne Food Pantry

Residents suffering financial distress during the COVID-19 pandemic have an opportunity to request food from the Hawthorne Food Pantry. Please email the Board of Health at or call 973-427-4012. The Food Pantry also stocks non-perishable food all year for families who are in need.


Additional Program for our small businesses: 

New Jersey Redevelopment Authority (NJRA)/Passaic County Small Business Lease Emergency Assistance Grant Program - 

 Application Opens on Monday November 16, 2020 at 9:00 am First Come, First Serve   SEE SAMPLE APPLICATION HERE

 Summary of the Program

Eligible Expenses

Under the Passaic County Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program, funding can ONLY be used to cover the following business costs/expenses and all grants will be ACH wired directly to landlords or real estate holding companies:

·        Lease payments (September, October, November, December)

 Grant Amount

The Passaic County Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program will provide grants up to, and not to exceed $20,000 per company for rent expenses. The grant cannot exceed $20,000 per company.

 Eligible Businesses

Companies located in the 16 municipalities of Passaic County are eligible to apply to the NJRA/Passaic County Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program. However, businesses must meet the following criteria:

 ·        Businesses must have a physical location in Passaic County;

·        Businesses must be a: Sole-proprietorship, LLC, LLP, Corporation, or S-Corporation

·        (There are no minimum or maximum number of employees by company)


Ineligible Businesses

The following types of businesses are not eligible for the grant:

·        Home-based businesses

·        Franchises with more than one location

·        Companies with sub-leases

·        Companies with shared spaces

·        Businesses with gambling or gaming activities;

·        Businesses that conduct or purveyance of “adult” activities, services, and/or products

·        Tattoo parlors

·        Businesses under any auction or bankruptcy;

·        Businesses that have loss due to fire, “lost-of-lease,” or are “going-out-of-business,”

·        Sales by transient merchants;

·        Liquor stores, bars

·        Vape/tobacco shops

·        Outdoor Storage;

·        Any illegal activity; and

·        County employees and elected officials, as well as their immediate families, are not eligible to apply. 

 Grant Program Requirements

The following general requirements must be met to be considered for funding:

·        Businesses must be current with local and NJ Taxes

·        Businesses cannot have received a New Jersey Economic Development Authority, NJRA or US Small Business Administration grant for Covid-19 relief for the same use provided under this Passaic County Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program to avoid a duplication of benefits

 ·        Businesses must have been open and operating on or before March 9, 2020 and cannot have been delinquent in rent payments prior to March 9, 2020.

 ·        If the applicant is also the property owner, property taxes, water, and sewer taxes, must be current at the time of the application.


* * * * *

NJEDA PPE Registry database - connecting supplies to potential buyers


New Jersey Family Care - information on health care

Guidelines for Positive and Negative COVID-19

Disinfect your Areas

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 (in positive cases)

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Joint Guidance from CDC and EPA regarding cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, workplaces, businesses, schools, and home. EPA News Release 4-29-20.


Federal Government and COVID-19 (links)

Federal Small Business Administration (links to various resources)


Governor Phil Murphy Executive Orders

NJ COVID-19 Information Hub:  Click here for Data Dashboard; Resources on Jobs & Hiring; Business Resources and Regulations, NJEDA, Symptom Tracker, Medical Volunteer Portal, General Volunteer Portal; Housing for Medical Volunteers Portal

NJEDA PPE Registry database connecting supplies to potential buyers.

DCA is pleased to announce the COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which will provide temporary rental assistance to selected low and moderate income households who have experienced unemployment or reduced income due to the pandemic. For more information on the program and how to apply visit

New Jersey Department of Health COVID-19

NJ 211 Information

NJ Dept. of Health FAQ1

SNAP Assistance During Coronavirus (English)

SNAP Assistance During Coronavirus (Spanish)

State of NJ Unemployment:  This is the website for Unemployment to file, check status*, questions, etc. Once a claim is filed, you can check status and certify weekly benefits.

*If you have a question about your application, you can contact the Department of Labor directly through email at this website. To submit a message, in top right corner choose "Need Help" and unveil the drop-down menu; choose "Send an Email"; choose "Email: Submit a message through our new online form" and follow the prompts.

State of NJ: Worker Benefits, Protections and the Coronavirus

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission


Passaic County COVID-19 Home Testing flyer in English and in Spanish.

Passaic County COVID-19 Information - see this link for up-to-date County information, such as at-home-testing link.

Passaic County - Division of Home Energy & Weatherization

Passaic County News for Business Community

COVID-19 Flyer (5 Important Resources for Help)

Community Health Law Project (Info for individuals with disabilities who may need legal assistance during COVID-19 crisis) (English) (Spanish)

Conversation Tips:  COVID-19 for Kids

Mayo Clinic - COVID-19 and Your Mental Health

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook (English)

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook (Spanish)

Mental Health Clinic of Passaic

What You Need to Know About Vaping (English)

What You Need to Know About Vaping (Spanish)

COVID-19 Resource Guide (English)

COVID-19 Resource Guide (Spanish)

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